9 Gifting ideas for your best friend

Every friend plays an important role in our lives but one person takes the cake, steals the show and stands on top - Your best friend. We’ve put together a list of gifts that you can give your best friend just out of the blue to tell them that you care. 

One of the most challenging feats one struggles to conquer throughout their lifetime is zeroing in on the perfect gift for their best friend. Now, you very well know, that no material item in the world can be enough to convey how you feel about them.


Gifting anything to your BFF isn't about being fancy, it's about being thoughtful about the smaller details they mentioned during conversations or the things they casually say they need to buy but end up never shopping for. It's about showing you care enough to remember, it's about telling them you wholeheartedly love them, in your own small way. 


  1. Brass planter - Sure to transform any corner of the house, this planter is the perfect choice for your friend. 
  2. Copper Planter - Add a touch of sheen to a home with this chic and antique planter. 
  3. Divine Krishna Idol - Appealing in every manner, this Krishna idol playing flute symbolizes love & happiness in the life of your BFF.
  4. Jazzy Colorful diyas - These charming diyas showcase a vibrant combination of jazzy colours, promises not to disappoint your friend.
  5. Contemporary Ganesha Idol - This Ganesha idol finished with a great blend of attractive colours is ornate to the fullest featuring an amazing gift.
  6. Jewellery box - Make your BFF feel special with this gift box in beautiful colours.
  7. Bhagavad Gita - This sacred ‘Bhagavad Gita’ enveloped in a glass case is perfect.
  8. Divine Krishna Blue dol - This lovely idol is not only a birthday gift but is ideal for a puja room.
  9. Shell and Brass Turtle - Add a touch of feng shui to your friends home with this lovely piece.

    We hope this list helps you zero in on the perfect gift for your friend.