Vastu Inspired Home Decor Tips

Decorating your dream home is not just a task but a journey in self-exploration and evolution too. There are a number of things that need to be taken in consideration, like -  water supply power back up, the surrounding area and more. But what’s most important is the ancient are of Vastu Shastra.

So, what is Vastu Shastra? It is nothing but the law of architecture that was followed in ancient times. This law is followed even today for the construction of houses, offices and other buildings. Not just India, even many other countries such as Japan and Africa have authenticated the benefits and importance of Vastu Shastra in architecture.

There are a number of benefits that Vastu Shastra lends to constructions. Here are some of the benefits that influence the lives of the occupants of Vastu compliant spaces.

The first and foremost benefit of having the house constructed as per Vastu Shastra is to have proper physical health. Vastu Shastra means constructing the house as per proper incoming of the solar energy, lunar energy, and other cosmic elements. This can help in providing comfort, proper ventilation and good circulation of air so that you can stay healthy and free from diseases.

It also maintains an environment within the interiors that can help in creating a positive atmosphere that reduces mental stress and also enhances and improves relationships.

Tips for Vastu compliant home decor -

Furniture is the most important part of any interior space. It not only makes the interiors look trendy but also adds an element of comfort. And of course, if someone arrives at your house, you need a sitting place to make them sit. There can be different ways how the furniture of a house can be installed such as the direction where the sofa can be kept, the bed should be at the centre of the bedroom or near the window and many others. Different houses can have different designs based on the directions of the house. But one of the common Vastu tips is that the living room should have furniture with square or rectangle designs.

Curtains are not just there to provide privacy and comfort but also they can have beauty to the house if the selection is made carefully. Also, The colour and the material of the curtains need to be selected carefully.

Pooja Room
Though Vastu Shastra is an art a number of people consider it to have a spiritual significance as well. Hence, having a Pooja place in the right place is essential. Experts suggest that the Pooja place should be either in the North, Northeast or Eastern side of the building.

Though plants can be kept at different places of the house or at the open spaces as per the suitability there are certain Vastu tips that can be followed in enhance prosperity in the house. One of the most common tips is to keep plants in the Southeastern corner of the house.

There is a list of rules and regulations that can be followed when you are having your house constructed as per Vastu Shastra. These rules are created by ancient sages keeping in mind a number of natural elements that can be helpful in keeping the negative energies away and maintaining a peaceful mind within the people who are staying in the house.